Hyperhidrosis palmaris

Palmar Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating of the hands, is a clinical condition marked by excessive perspiration of the palms beyond physiological necessity. Sweaty hands are profound and dramatic. They affect all aspects of life including work, the activities of daily living and normal interpersonal social interactions. Sweaty hands can occur by meeting someone (comparable to stage-fright), by nervousness, emotional distress or stressful situations. The problem with sweaty hands can be detected since early childhood (hereditary sweating disorder). People afflicted with palmer hyperhidrosis often complain of cold hands with soaked skin (comparable to a sponge or wet fish), sometimes even dripping with sweat.

video above | a short movie from youtube.com: 39 year old Sascha Ballweg’s hands are literally dripping with sweat due to Hyperhidrosis palmaris. This is not a fake.

Significant social and psychological impact:
People with excessive sweat hands are in constant awareness of their problem and they have to live with it. For this reason, most Hyperhidrosis sufferers will try to avoid contacts with others by hiding their hands in their pockets or under the arms. Just to mention two examples for everyday problems that occur with sweaty hands: Sufferers are not able to grip sleek things (glasses, steering wheel) safely. They have problems to write on paper as the sweat smears the ink all over the sheets and the paper tends to crinkle. As a consequence of this, people may lose confidence in their ability to socialize or interact (greeting and hand shaking) with others and as a result may become frustrated and withdrawn. Social isolation often is a negative after-effect of Hyperhidrosis palmaris. In severe cases sufferer can develop serious psychological problems, for example depression.


Palmar sweating, med. Hyperhidrosis palmaris: excessive sweating of the hands, especially the palms; diagnosable clinical condition; classified and registered by the WHO

Symptoms: abnormal sweat secretion at the hands/palms; dripping wet fingers; cold and damp hands; dark red, purple or blue coloured skin

Side- and after-effects: maceration (white, softening, fishy skin); warts (Verruca palmaris); fungal nail; eczema; psychological distress; social isolation

sweaty hands and palms

Recommended treatments:
( ➔ Hyperhidrosis Treatment)

➊ OTC Antiperspirant with 30% aluminium chloride and natural plant extracts, when indicated in combination with Antihydral® cream

➋ evaluation of possible causes, guided by health professionals; when indicated psychosomatic therapy

Other treatments:
( ➔ Hyperhidrosis Treatment)

iontophoresis; botox injections; other surgical therapies

Competent medical experts:

dermatologist; internist; psychotherapist; manicurist

Online support and help:

International Hyperhidrosis Society

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