Hyperhidrosis plantaris

Plantar Hyperhidrosis, severe sweating of the feet, usually occurs in conjunction with Hyperhidrosis palmaris (this combination is known as palmoplantar sweating).
People with plantar Hyperhidrosis complain of constant foot odour, yet the most common problems with Plantar Hyperhidrosis are Athlete’s foot, blisters, infections or fungal diseases and rotting of socks. Permanent moisture often ruins the shoes and their leather (salty stains) while synthetic fabrics (trainers) will further the onset of plantar Hyperhidrosis. Profusely sweating soles can cause slippery feet and thereby serious accidents. However, while the wet feet are usually hidden within socks and shoes, it is mostly impossible to mask the bad odour. Sometimes even the fabric of the shoes tend to adopt the smell (as they are contaminated with bacteria) normal hygiene, though, is inefficient in this case.


Feet sweating, med. Hyperhidrosis plantaris or pedis: excessive sweating of the feet, especially the soles; diagnosable clinical condition; classified and registered by the WHO

Symptoms: abnormal sweat secretion under the soles or in between the toes; dripping wet feet; cold and damp feet; dark red, purple or blue coloured skin; soaked socks and shoes;

Side- and after-effects: permanent odour (also known as stinky or smelly feet); maceration (white, softening, fishy skin); Athlete’s foot (Tinea pedis); warts (Verruca plantaris); fungal nail; eczema; blisters

smelly feet through sweaty soles

Recommended treatments:
( ➔ Hyperhidrosis Treatment)

➊ OTC Antiperspirant with 30% aluminium chloride and natural plant extracts, when indicated in combination with Antihydral® cream

➋ evaluation of possible causes, guided by health professionals; when indicated psychosomatic therapy

Other treatments:
( ➔ Hyperhidrosis Treatment)

iontophoresis; botox injections; other surgical therapies

Competent medical experts:

dermatologist; internist; psychotherapist; podiatry expert

Online support and help:

International Hyperhidrosis Society

excess feet sweating is known as hyperhidrosis plantaris

pictures above | Sweaty feet will leave a mark – in every sense. Aside from other infections, such as Athlete’s foot or plantar warts, excess sweating of the feet can cause fungal nails (as shown in the right picture).
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