Hyperhidrosis axillaris

The medical term for excessive underarm sweating is Hyperhidrosis axillaris or axillary Hyperhidrosis. It is a clinical condition involving dripping of sweat in the armpits, often with a constant odour. This odour is usually resistant to all types of deodorants. In medical terminology this is known as Bromhidrosis.


Axillary sweating, med. Hyperhidrosis axillaris: excessive underarm sweating; diagnosable clinical condition; classified and registered by the WHO

Symptoms: abnormal underarm sweat secretion; dripping wet armpits; soaked clothes; visible dark sweat patches (also knowns as pit stain or sweat stain) and salty residues; also discolouring of fabrics

Side- and after-effects: permanent body odour (Bromhidrosis); axillary itch (fungus); eczema; ruined clothes

hyperhidrosis axillaris underarm sweating

Recommended treatments:
( ➔ Hyperhidrosis Treatment)

➊ OTC Antiperspirant with 20% aluminium chloride and natural plant extracts

➋ evaluation of possible causes, guided by health professionals; when indicated psychosomatic therapy

Other treatments:
( ➔ Hyperhidrosis Treatment)

iontophoresis; medication; botox injections; other surgical therapies

Competent medical experts:

dermatologist; internist; psychotherapist

Online support and help:

International Hyperhidrosis Society

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