Application Of Antiperspirants

Antiperspirants are fluids which are applied locally and superficially, directly onto the skin wherever it is needed. They are commonly sold in three different type of dispensers:

  • dropping bottle (dropper)
  • pump spray bottle (or can)
  • roll-on bottle (stick)

Experts repeatingly have recommended not to use strong antiperspirants in pump spray bottles or roll-on sticks. Here is why:

Disadvantages and risks of spray bottles:

  1. sprayed amount cannot be controlled (overdose)
  2. accurate local appliance is impossible (e.g. face, private parts)
  3. liquid could be inhaled
  4. liquid could get into eyes
  5. liquid could get onto mucosa (tissue)
  6. abuse is possible (abusive inhealing as a drug, known as sniffing, see below)

Most antiperspirants in spray bottles contain butane gas as a propellent. Sniffing, the inhalation of butane (or other solvents), is a type of drug use that is particularly associated with young people. The practice has become of increasing concern in the last few decades with the widespread availability of solvent-based chemical products. Other than ‚traditional drugs‘ (cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana or other narcotic drugs) even youngest people are able to purchase deodorant or antiperspirant sprays with butane in every supermarket or dep-store at a very cheap price. No wonder, that Sniffing rapidly became a very popular form of drug abuse among young people, including pre-adolescents. Several cases of death in the year 2010 (including the death of two 12 year olds) proofed how dangerous and fatal sniffing is. It can result in short-term and long-term harm to the health of users or in death, known as Sudden Sniffing Death (SSD). SSD can occur among first time users of butane or those who have been sniffing for years.

use dropper bottles instead of antiperspirant sprays

Disadvantages and risks of roll-on bottles:

  1. people tend to use it liberally like a deodorant roll-on stick (overdose)
  2. the sticky roller ball collects continuously water, sweat, dust
    and scales from the skin
  3. liquid gets contaminated by these particles (see 2.)
  4. uncontrolled chemical reactions between water/dust
    and aluminium chloride
  5. forming of hydrochloric acid (due to reactions, see 4.)
  6. harmful skin irritation through contamination and
    acerbic ingredients (see 5.) can occur
  7. effectivity of the fluid will degrade quickly after contamination
  8. short durability

use dropper bottles instead of roll-on sticks

Advantages of dropping bottles:

  1. maximum amount control – drop by drop
  2. most accurate appliance with fingertip or cotton pad
  3. no danger of contamination
  4. longer lasting content
  5. optimized durability (min. 24 month)

Expert’s Tip: antiperspirants with aluminium chloride are very light sensitive. For marketing reasons (beautiful packaging) most industrial products are filled into glas bottles. By buying solid and closed plastic bottles instead, you can prevent that your antiperspirant is affected by sun or interior light!

Correct application of antiperspirants:

Prescription-strength antiperspirants are highly effective liquids. A few drops of antiperspirant are strong enough to stop sweating. The drying effect will last for a minimum of 24 hours and for a maximum of three full days (or even longer = best case scenario). In order to achieve this maximum it is very important to follow the instructions for application which are usually documented on the leaflet.

In general there are the following rules for application of an antiperspirant:

  • use it at night/late evening only
  • use it right before sleeping (store it in the nightstand)
  • use it after washing/showering/bathing
  • use it on totally dry skin only (use a hairdryer)
  • do not use antiperspirants after shaving – wait for at least 24 hours
  • use a few drops only (for example: 2 drops per armpit are enough!)
  • apply drop per drop with your fingertip or with a cotton dapper
  • for skin care: use a fatty cream or lotion after 20 minutes
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