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As health care professionals have observed, anti-perspirants need to have prescription strength or clinical strength, 20 to 30% of the active ingredient aluminium chloride (AlCl3) – or even better – the hydrated form aluminium hexahydrate (AlnCl[3n-m][OH]m), otherwise they will not battle excessive sweating vigorously enough. For an effective and lasting treatment of sweating diseases, such as Hyperhidrosis axillaris or palmoplantar Hyperhidrosis, this maximum strength is even mandatory.

But with stronger mixtures, the risk of skin irritations is significally higher, as this is a typical side effect of aluminium chloride. The success of AlCl3 is based on the focal short-termed excitation of the sweat glands. The higher the percentage of AlCl3, the better the drying effect. On the other hand, the increased strength might have a more irritating impact on the epidermis. Therefore, reddened skin, itching or stinging are often reported during the usage.

This website provides informations and facts about antiperspirants in general, with a focus on the most actual achievements. Modern products use the proven basic compounds of traditional anti-perspirants but they are enriched with natural plant extracts. Using the newest recipes, they will not harm the skin anymore. By that, people with sensitive or anaphylactic skin (especially women or children) are now able to reduce their perspiration by using strong sweat solutions.

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