Antiperspirant – get rid off excessive sweating!

Antiperspirant – easy solution against excessive body odour!

Antiperspirants are known as an efficient remedy for excessive sweating and body odour since the year 1888 (introduction of the 1st commercial anti-perspirant Mum). In more than 100 years they have constantly proven their instant relieving effect and people who suffer from Hyperhidrosis (abnormal transpiration) use them for daily treatment. Medical researchs certified the advantages of this sweat solution through all decades. Albeit international scientists have always emphasized that anti-perspirants are not harmful to health, many users are reporting skin irritations (such as itching, reddened or inflammatory skin) which occur directly after the application of the product. Apart from the fact that those dermal irritations are not dangerous at all, they can be very annoying. As a result many people decide to stop the treatment after a whole night without sleep (anti-perspirants are supposed to be applied before bedtime).

Antiperspirants – made in Switzerland

In Switzerland, Reussbuehl-based Joerg Valentin, a young manufacturer of skin care products, has spend many years conceptualizing a significally skin-friendly anti-perspirant without reducing its drying effect. His assignment to the sensitivity of high-impact anti-perspirants was solved, when he added alpine plant extracts from sage, clove and Usnea Barbata (Old Man’s Beard). All three of those were known for ages as natural remedies, for example in the traditional ars medicina of China. Today, the impressive results of Valentin’s researchs are well-known in many countries of all continents. AHC sensitive® and AHC forte® are the trademarks under which these prescription strength anti-perspirants are distributed. In 2006 DermaTest (Muenster, DE) has tested all products of the AHC series under the strict regulation of German laws and statutory provisions of the European Commision. The conclusion speaks for itself: all products got an A+ grading (in German: sehr gut).

AHC anti-perspirants are manufactured in Reussbuehl/Luzern, Switzerland (CH) by Joerg Valentin Cosmetics, an ecological conscientious family business from the alps. The Valentins only use the cleanest and best ingredients for their exclusive line of antiperspirants and cosmetics. The JV Cosmetics portfolio was recently complemented with the aluminium free deodorant  Dry balance®, based on tea tree oil, lemongrass, roses, camomile plus many other ethereal oils of natural herbs) and BromEX foamer®, a washing foam for Bromhidrosis (medical term for permanent and excessive body odour).

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